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Recognizing the BSBRA Members Serving Our Country

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Doug Tenhoopen

Christopher Bignami

Gary Young

Patrick Ayers

Ian Irwin


The officers and members of Bay Shore-Brightwaters Rescue Ambulance, Inc. are committed to deliver the highest standards of emergency care to our community.

Compassion * Quality Care * Dignity * Respect * Accountability


* To deliver leading edge emergency care to all regardless of age, race, religion, or socioeconomic standing; to respect every individual without prejudice; and be sensitive to our great cultural diversity.

* To respect the integrity and dignity of our patients and their families.

* To nurture an environment of personal growth through educational opportunities and training.

* To value each others level of expertise and respect their contributions to the patient care.

* To protect and promote the highest level of professionalism at all times

* To serve as an indispensable resource to our community.


Email us at: membership@bsbra.org

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