All Propecting Members Please Read Before Applying


To train and instruct New/probitionary members on the innate workings of our department the rules and procedures set forth by the bylaws,

as well as to deliver a rudementry knowledge of EMS skills that will help probitionary members assist the crew in the field.


  1. -Must attend ALL probationary training's unless told otherwise. They are held every Thursdays 2000-2200 hours and will last approximately two hours.

  2. -Pass the probationary member written and practical test at the end of your training.

  3. -Pick a duty slot. This is a 5-6 hour throughout the week. you must always be free to attend your duty slot. Make sure you pick one where you are always going to be available. If you are sick or have a personal matter to attend to, always make sure to submit an excuse form and contact your captain. You also must attempt to find coverage. This person must share the same rank as you or or higher. For example: An EMT can ask a Paramedic to cover for them. However, a Paramedic can't ask A EMT to take his or her spot.

  4. -Attend the General meeting every month. This is held the first Monday of every month at 2000 hours.

  5. -Attend monthly corp training's. If you do not know when one is being held, check the website's Calendar link or ask. We are here to help you!!

  6. Be part of a house committee. This means to take an hour of every month to pick a room and clean it. It is also in good practice to take out the garbage after every shift. Clean up after yourselves.



Instructions to fill out form.

Applying prospect must fill out all fields.

To change to next field box click the "Tab" key.

If you click the "Enter" key, the form will be submitted even if did not finish entering all the information. ATTENTION If the form is not filled out completely, we will disregard the prospect's application.

After filling out form you will receive a call from a member in charge from the Membership Committee.


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