BSBRA Volunteer Application Form

Who can Apply?

Anyone! Youth Squad members can start applying at the age of thirteen (13 During the month of December until the end of January.

Riding members at (17). Dispatch and regular rolling members must be at least eighteen (18). We are looking for anyone and everyone who is interested in providing the highest standard of medical care to the Bay Shore Brightwaters community. Click on the link bellow for instructions.


Regular Rolling Member
(ages 18 and up)

(ages 17 and up)

Student Members
(ages 17-18)

Youth Squad
(ages 13-17)

FOR YOUTH SQUAD (Only 15 Members allowed)

"There are many types of members.

Dispatch and regular rolling members are asked to typically give us 20 hours a month. Most members pick a 6 hour duty slot at some point in the seven days of the week. Any member can do as many hours as they would like in a month. There is no maximum amount of hours.

Auxiliary members are asked to do 10 hours a month and an average of three pager responses a month.

Youth Squad members meet on Saturdays from 10:00 am -1:00 pm.

All dispatch/auxiliary/regular members are asked to attend one meeting a month (usually the first Monday of the month) and one training a month.



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